Wheatley Farm - Still Maintaining The Traditional Cornish Farmers Hospitality

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A little about our life here as traditional Cornish Farmers at Wheatley Farm in North Cornwall

Five generations of the Griffin family have farmed at Wheatley since it was built by the Duke of Bedford in 1871 and today we are still maintaining the tradition of Cornish Hospitality.

We are mainly a dairy farm with a fine herd of about 150 Holstein-Friesians cows, each of which can produce typically up to 20 litres of wonderful Cornish milk per day. Wheatley Farm milk is collected fresh every day and is used to make local award winning cheeses such as Cathedral City and Davidstow Mature Cheddar, as well as yogurt.

One of the highlights of a stay at Wheatley farm is to watch the calves being bucket reared on milk. Val & Ray have a son and 2 daughters. Their son Andrew lives on the farm and works with Ray. It is hoped that his son Jack will continue the family tradition when he reaches the right age for yet another generation of Griffins to take on Wheatley Farm.

To support the dairy enterprise, Ray and Andrew also grow grass to create silage which is used as winter fodder to ensure milk production through the winter months. The main cereal grown at Wheatley Farm is barley.

Five generations of family have farmed at Wheatley and we are sensitive to the importance of looking after our wonderful countryside. Farming and tourism are interlinked; here at Wheatley we work with both to look after the environment. We strongly believe we can all try to minimise the footprint we leave behind us.

We have recycling facilities for papers, bottles, cans, etc., endeavouring to reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible. The cottages have low energy light bulbs. Food is sourced locally wherever possible using minimal packing.  Our guests are pleased to help us look after this special corner of Cornwall for future generations.

We extend a warm welcome and high levels of service to everyone, which is probably one of the reasons so many of our guests come back time and time again.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wheatley Farm, to provide some true Cornish hospitality.

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